"Technology Strategy and Architecture for the Evolving Enterprise"

For organizations of just a few employees to those with thousands.

A Holistic Approach

The Need for a Holistic Approach

All too often many important factors for the success of a technology-driven program or project are not understood.   They only become apparent when the program or project has difficulties or fails.   A significant number of project failures include many that met all of their defined technical requirements.

We know that multiple factors contribute to the success or failure of technology focused projects and programs.  Many, even most, of those factors are not technical.  A holistic approach to addressing requirements and dependencies for these projects, both technical and others, is required. Read more


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We are positioned to grow but will not compromise quality to do so.   We would rather pass up opportunities than have dissatisfied clients.  We team with other organizations to address opportunities beyond our capacity and are currently negotiating several teaming relationships.